Submissions Received

Submissions Received

Chapel of Madonna tad-Dawl,
Bidni, Marsaskala

Restoration of Façade, Sacristy and Parvis

Issued 09/08/2021
Deadline of submissions: 30th August 2021 at 11am

Madonna tad-Dawl Chapel – Bidni, Marsaskala

The Marsaskala Parish Church has requested quotations from interested bidders for the Restoration of the main façade of the chapel and sacristy and the parvis of the chapel of the Madonna tad-Dawl, Bidni, Marsaskala.

Adjudication process is underway.

Reference no: ( MSKP 01-2021 )

Submissions in order received:

Josef Sant – €17,458.10

Lawrence Vassallo – V & M Contracting Ltd. – €23,853.70

Frank Charles Scerri – Irrecs Ltd.
– €30,904.20

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